Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Skim Buku Teks

Monday February 6, 2006
Book loan scheme to cover all by 2008
KEPALA BATAS: The Education Ministry’s book loan scheme will be extended to all primary school pupils in the country by 2008.
The move is expected to cost the ministry several million ringgit.
Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said at present almost 90% of pupils received free books under the scheme.
“The scheme was initially meant for poor pupils.
“Last year we thought of extending the scheme to children of those employed in the Education Ministry and Education Department.

Hishamuddin chatting with students after presenting them with the PMR excellence awards in Kepala Batas on Sunday.“This increased the percentage to about 90%. So, now I just need to find the money to accommodate the other 10%,” he said at the Gemilang 2020 programme opening at Institut Latihan Perindustrian here yesterday.
Hishammuddin said it made sense to extend the scheme to all primary school pupils.
“But, we must also find a mechanism so that the rich families who benefit from the scheme will repay this deed in a different way.
“They must fulfil their social responsibility to assist those in need,” he said.
On a different matter, Hishammuddin said the ministry would no longer use the design and build method nor engage the services of independent consultants to build new schools.
“This is to avoid problems such as delays in land title changes and applications for certificates of fitness (CF).
“If the Public Works Department is willing to take over the construction of all school buildings, such problems can be reduced because it has the power to certify buildings,” he said.
Hishammuddin was commenting on SK Mutiara Perdana in Sungai Nibong, which has been operating for four years without a CF because of problems with the land title.
Later, he opened the “One Home, One Reading Corner” campaign at SK Padang Menora, Tasek Gelugor.

Sepatutnya semua murid entittled utk pinjaman buku teks...Kalau betul ini boleh materialised diucapkan setinggi2 tahniah..Kita banyak membazir dengan setengah2 projek yang tak berfaedah its a time government to spend money wisely especially for education purposes..
Tapi jangan ada udang sebalik batu pulak..our next general elections is in 2008/09...Jangan jadikan ini gula2 janji politik je..Kalau betul dapat free buku teks free by 2008...jangan le buat macam2 new guideline pula....nak dapat buku teks kena dapat tanda tangan adun atau ketua cawangan pulak....kalau anak pembangkang dah tak dapat buku teks...jangan terlalu banyak poltiking dalam bab education ni...educations is for all....